One of the recurring barriers TCS became aware of was the lack of internet access either at home or while travelling throughout the community. With this being an increasingly technological world, many of those in service had limited or no access to email, applications, services, etc., and limited ways to reach their Leadership Coaches for support. This became especially prevalent during shelter-in-place periods and in circumstances with limited access to transportation. The low-cost, custom fit service that TBi provides gives those who are actively engaged with TCS access to TBi hotspots all across the island. Given an opportunity as basic as internet access makes the journey to success that much more attainable. One of TCS’s core values is collaboration. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the future with TBI.

“TCS is grateful for our partnerships with key stakeholders such as TBi. These partnerships enable us to increase the access to services for the men we serve, said Tiffanne Thomas, TCS Executive Director”.
“TBi is delighted to support organizations like TCS that align with our desire to connect people to new opportunities and education, “ said Lee Greene, President of TBi. “This collaboration provides TBi with the chance to connect marginalized young men to a brighter future, thanks to digital technology.”