Community Bridge Builders Program

Transitional Community Services creates a safe space for young men to be courageous, explore, take risks, and create success.  We build partnerships with the men and the community that supports this evolution.  We create opportunities for men to find empowerment in their path, and to believe in the value of their voice.

Being a Member of the Community Bridge Builders program is voluntary

The only requirement is that members stay dedicated to themselves

Through our Community Bridge Builders Program we offer the following:

All of our services are offered at no cost to the men we serve.  We are able to do this because of the generosity of the many donors who have partnered with us.

Leadership Coach Support

Everyone at TCS gets an Leadership Coach (LC). An LC is the person Members work with to talk about their goals, their challenges, and their successes. They are their TCS partner who will be there at every step.

LCs provide case management support to the men who we serve.  Case management is a collaborative process that relies on the partnership between our Leadership Coaches and the men. 

Employment Support

We help them get the job, and keep it. Everyone’s skills are different. TCS creates and looks for ways to support Members with develop and practice skills in work environments that support them. We also rely on partnerships of our many collaborative partners to be able to support the men with securing and sustaining employment.


Sometimes we need a chance to prove ourselves, but not everyone is willing to give that chance. We advocate for Members who need a 1st chance, or another chance, to show their strengths and skills.

Advocacy is important to help Members build and re-build bridges, whether it’s family or community connections.

Group Events

Groups events are a time to have relax and have a good time with like minds and people. Whether its laser tag or Thanksgiving dinner, they’re fun, and a private, judgement free zone. They’re not mandatory, and we eat at every one!

TCS provides a safe space for our men to be open; exploring other’s perspectives and finding their own voice. Groups spaces hold a relaxed yet intentional structure that allows for a high level of engagement by the Leadership Coaches. Group is centered around activities that are lively and engaging, while also supporting the men in developing skills in a pro-social environment.


We all need a safe space to talk, clear our mind, and reflect on what is happening in our lives. This is even more important when someone has a history of unresolved trauma.  Counselling is not mandatory, and is a private experience for the Member only.

Many of the men who we serve have extensive histories of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  We have created a space for the men we serve to feel comfortable seeking support in a private and empowering manner.