Transitional Community Services (TCS), was registered as a Bermuda charity on October 15, 2020. TCS was formed in response to the documented increased needs of young adult males ages 18-34.  For nearly one-year, Executive Director, Tiffanne Thomas worked with a professional behavior specialist and program designer, Ms. Maya Kennedy of Apramaya Institute, Amherst MA, to carefully consider the data and needs of potential clients, and the training requirements for staff. Ms. Kennedy was referred through Catalyst Consulting, Ltd, by Managing Director, Martha Dismont. Our Executive Director and Ms. Kennedy worked with local data to inform program design.

Our local data indicated that disproportionately our young adult males, particularly black males, have achieved limited academic success, which has contributed to limited employment opportunities and economic instability.  These findings are related to the increased risks experienced by some of the men in our community which often times manifest in the social problems that we see and experience.

In response to the data, we embarked upon a mission to design a program that would provide holistic wrap-around services to this demographic.  The development of our Community Bridge Builders program, which launched on February 8, 2021, contributed to addressing a pervasive gap that has existed in our local treatment continuum.